Vinyl Record Pickup Series: CHVRCHES Every Open Eye

Piratenovelist here and I am starting a new series exclusively for this website.
This is going to be called Vinyl Record Pickups. These posts will show off some of my collection. Every time I pick up something new for my collection I will post it on here and give overall impressions of the LP/Single/Whatever I picked up.

I will judge package, Lp quality, and sound.

Overall Impression:

This time I picked up Every Open Eye by the band CHVRCHES. It’s their sophomore studio release. I have been a serious fan of CHVRCHES and I really dug their first LP called The Bones Of What You Believe. I was really nervous for the follow up because there is a thing called a Sophomore Slump. I can easily say that this did not happen. From Start to finish this album is amazing and sounded great when I put it on.  I have wanted this in my collection for a while and I am glad to have it.


The package is interesting. It is a gate fold with an awesome shot of the band in the middle.The cover is a departure from their symmetric style they had in their previous release and even their ep they released for Record Store Day a while back.  I really dig the style and for me the package is awesome. It came with some light wear on one corner, but I give that a pass. The lyric sheet is minimalist and I really dig that. The only existent color is on the cover itself.



Every Open Eye was pressed on 180 gram white virgin vinyl. This means it was not pressed using recycled vinyl and the quality of the sound really shows on it. There was a bit of a skip on the lead in grooves, but I heard that is common in the U.S. release.
This is not the only variant of it, there is a coke bottle clear out there which I hear is much more rare than mine, but to be honest white vinyl is probably my favorite next to blue if I had to pick a color to want for a variant.




Other than the one skip, the record sounded amazing and I found myself loving the music and barely noticed any surface noise if it existed.  I heard three singles before form this album and each sounded amazing as the record played. I loved so many songs on this record that from first impressions it was hard to pick a favorite.  However, I did feel a more positive vibe from the whole record where their previous was much more angry.


Final Thoughts:
Overall I really enjoy this record and I know I will be playing it a lot. The packaging is really nice and feels like it’s good quality. The skip and the slight wear on the package were of some concern, but the LP still plays fine and I recommend it if you are a CHVRCHES fan or a fan of alternative music.



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