About DJ Lone Wolf HD


This is DJ Lone Wolf HD, also known as my actual name, Samuel Zibo Townsend.

I started being a DJ in 2012, after joining QLN Entertainment. This particular label allowed me to explore who I am as a DJ and most importantly learn who I am. While I was there I released 4 mixtapes:


QlowNation Mixes Vol. 1,


#ALPHA Part 1 & #ALPHA Part 2


In the fall of 2015, I decided that I will not be stuck in a box that is a DJ, meaning that I want  to do so much more while using the name DJ Lone Wolf HD, like traveling the world and learning so much more than what the media portrays.

So I decided to make the DJ Lone Wolf HD into its own Independent brand, this particular podcast being apart of it. This way it will allow me to have full control in what I do, when I do it, however I may choose to go about this.

With this particular podcast, it gives me and PirateNovelist the chance to express our thoughts on what’s going on out there in the music industry and give indie artists a chance to be given a honest review of what they created from a audiophile point of view. And in the near future we intend to make it much more!

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