About Piratenovelist


This is The Piratenovelist a.k.a. Josh G.


I’ve been a music fan all my life. I got really serious about eight or so years ago because of an event that forever changed my life. It was because of the band paramore that I found myself really appreciating music.

I love all genre’s of music, but I tend to find myself listening mostly to those artists who fall under the rock or alternative umbrellas. i.e. alt-synth or symphonic metal. Yes I put Metal under the umbrella of Rock. I believe that genre is really up to the listener to decide what is really is. Genre is really up to what the person wants it to be.

I also collect vinyl records. I have been a semi-serious collector for about three years. I inherited a good chunk of my collection from my parents who really just carried them around from move to move. I always was fascinated by them growing up.

I hope to use this podcast along with DJ LoneWolf HD to give my opinion of what’s going on out there in the music and vinyl world.


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